Gen for Petaluma City Schools

It has been a privilege to serve Petaluma as a member of the PCS Board of Education since April 2019, and I ask for your support to continue this work. Please vote by November 3.



Petaluma has built and maintained strong public schools thanks to dedicated, talented staff and engaged families, but we face daunting challenges that require both immediate action and long-term planning.


Addressing recent learning losses

Our students are losing instructional days each year from wildfires, public safety power shutdowns, and now the pandemic. These learning losses accumulate over the years and place Petaluma graduates at a disadvantage. We must develop options to deliver the educational experience we promise to our students. For example, we are actively exploring the possibility of harnessing solar power to operate schools off-the-grid during power shut downs. Other options include offering flexible or extended academic calendars.


School climate and safety

As a child of immigrants, I know our schools must actively build a climate where every student is safe and feels valued. PCS has already begun staff training to advance and sustain an inclusive culture, and parent groups such as TIDE (Team for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity) are integral partners with whom we are working side by side.

Inclusive processes

A question I’ve asked frequently during my time on the Board of Education is, “What is the process for making that decision?” Education is a partnership between families, schools, and community. We enhance our students’ education when partners are fully engaged in shared decision-making and when our partnerships are healthy and communicative.

Whole child, whole community

Student success in school is heavily influenced by the opportunities and constraints that students encounter outside of school. The district must partner with local government and community resources to enhance children’s learning with co-curricular and extra-curricular supports. These include after-school and summer programs as well as resources for families.


Eliminating opportunity gaps

English language learners and families with fewer resources are struggling in all our schools. Let’s open a dialogue on how Spanish/English dual immersion and community schools (ones that partner with local government and nonprofits to provide resources to the local neighborhood) might better serve both underprivileged families and Petaluma as a whole.



I am the son of immigrants and a first-generation college graduate who has benefited from the promise of public education in California. Now, I am father to two PCS students, husband to a PCS teacher, and a professor of public policy, currently in my 18th year at  San Francisco State University. I bring all these perspectives to the boardroom, helping our district keep its promise to our families.

1970s - early '80s

  • Attended public schools in Turlock, California. 

Late '80s

  • Cal Poly, Bachelor of Science, civil engineering.


  • Peace Corps, Kenya – civil engineer

  • US Air Force/Los Angeles AFB – civil engineer

  • University of Southern California, MPA, public administration

  • Environmental Protection Agency - Presidential Management Fellowship, environmental engineer

kinder portrait.jpg

2000s - today

  • Georgia Tech, PhD in public policy

  • San Francisco State University: I’m in my 18th year as a professor of public policy.  

    • I primarily teach in the MPA and EdD programs, and I conduct research on public engagement in policy making.

    • I’ve published numerous agency reports and academic journal articles, and recently published a book, Nonprofits in Policy Advocacy: Their Strategies and Stories, reporting years of research I’ve led on nonprofit organizations.

    • I’ve been a campus leader, having served in the Academic Senate and the Graduate Council, two policy-making bodies for the university.  I am currently on the Board of Directors for the SFSU Foundation, the university’s philanthropic support organization.

  • Engaged community member, servant leader

    • Elim Lutheran Church: My family has been active for about 10 years.  I was the high school youth group advisor for two years, and my son and I have volunteered in their house-building projects in Tecate, Mexico.

    • Community committees:  I served on the Petaluma Transit Advisory Committee for about 3 years, and the county Climate Action Advisory Committee for 2 years.